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What is Prepper Base?

I built Prepper Base out of a need that I saw while doing my own early days of research on Prepping. There is a ton of valuable information out there, but the problem is that the resources that you need to know are scattered all over the internet. I love to research, but not all of us want to go through page after page of bad or irrelevant information.


More people become interested in Prepping every day. So with too much information out there, I thought of a way that I might be able to solve that problem. And the solution is right here, at Prepper Base!


First I assembled a team of like-minded friends to help me out with this project. So although I’m talking directly to you now and I do most of the writing and reviewing, Prepper Base is a team effort and WE are here to help get you the information you need. This website would never have launched if not for the support of the team behind me.


We are dedicated to a no-bull approach. We research every subject, test every piece of equipment (and food!), and give you our honest opinion on some of the most popular prepping gear. Prepper Base is here to give you only relevant, insightful, and honest prepping reviews and prepping articles. Check out the guides and other insights on the blog too!


The mission here at Prepper Base is to make a knowledge base for Preppers. Whatever your reason is for prepping, this website is a resource where you can find anything you need prepping-related. We are always learning, and we’re ready to learn from you to. Feel free to drop me a line on social media or here.

Prepping is More Complicated Than You Think

Some Basic Prepping Gear to Get Started

Prepping is not as easy as packing up some weather gear and a few MRE’s in a Bug Out Bag. In fact, far from it. Prepping is also about practicing proper Food Storage, and food storage is a huge part of stockpiling food and water for a SHTF situation. Safe food storage is a top priority.


And if you are planning on bugging in, the answer is NO- you cannot use your swimming pool as a reservoir for drinkable water! There are too many chemicals in the water and too many chemicals left over on the surface of the pool. So don’t even think about it! 


But nobody wants to break into their emergency food right away. So remember to store food that will last the longest in the back of your shelves. The longest lasting food should always be saved for dire situations. That’s why it’s always a good idea to have bottled water as a backup in case your purifier has issues. And always keep a spare first aid kit, it can end up saving a life, believe it or not. Bottom line- always have a backup! Until they become too cumbersome to carry, your can never have enough supplies. 

The goal of Prepper Base is to educate anyone who visits this site. And one of the first things I want to talk about, right here on the home page, is what I call the “Prepper Mentality.” Having the prepper mentality is not about being paranoid, instead it’s about being aware.

Prepping isn’t just about keeping up with natural disaster preparedness and getting ready for a post-apocalyptic world. Prepping is also about being aware of how delicate our infrastructure is here in North America, how easily civil unrest can occur, and the increase in frequent severe weather events. At Prepper Base, we think prepping is about awareness and knowledge, and how to put those to use in order to survive, whether you’re getting home, bugging in, or bugging out. This even applies to job loss- if you’re prepared, it won’t be such a blow. The prepper mentality is all about being aware of what’s going on around you, from your employment and local weather to world politics. Because every little thing can have an impact on your and your family.


And don’t forget that learning essential survival skills is essential in order to survive when SHTF. Survival can be a long-term endeavor, so be prepared to face a long adventure into Survivalism. You can always start small with stuff like learning First Aid. Remember to build your supplies up, make a checklist, and design your Bug Out Bag.


After Hurricane Sandy, Lots of people recognized Doomsday Preppers might be onto something when it comes to surviving in the coming years. Then after a global pandemic, people realized that prepping simply makes sense. Things like water purifiers will help us stay alive, so be sure to check out the Water section of this site- it’s all about getting fresh water, which is a #1 priority when SHTF. 


If you can't read a map and compass, LEARN!

Things We Talk About At Prepper Base

We discuss a lot of things on this site- from practical advice for surviving a power outage, to prepping for a worst-case scenario. I think that prepping involves being ready for nearly everything, which is why we refuse to ignore the small stuff- and the big stuff.


If you are wondering when to start prepping, the answer is yesterday! Jokes aside, you should start prepping during your next grocery store visit. You can save money- just a few extra cans of soup with long shelf life will help you with emergency food. When if comes to prepping, emergency food becomes a #1 priority. Water supply is an important thing as well- just a few extra gallon jugs on your next grocery trip will get you on your way to being prepared with drinking water when disaster strikes. Now storing water can be tricky, so be careful storing water for too long if it’s just in bottles. 

As you can see above, we like to tackle the big subjects when it comes to prepping: Bug Out Bags, Food, Prepping Equipment, Water, and Outdoor Survival. We’ve got lots of information about Bugging In and Off-Grid living as well. We’ve tossed in lots of common sense guides and self reliance tips as well. We have lots of guides in there about the core skills of survival- how to handle an emergency situation, first aid, self defense, surviving in the wilderness for an extended period (more than two weeks), knowing your local area, etc. 


The first thing that we try to teach people is that prepping takes hard work. Most people think they can buy a bug out bag and they are 100% prepared. That’s not the the point. One thing people need to understand is that they are not prepared without knowing how to use everything in that bag, no fumbling with directions. And that leads to our next point, the prepper mentality.  

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The Prepper Mentality

Having the prepper mentality doesn’t mean having the latest or best gear, or having years worth of long term food supplies. The prepper mentality is the willingness to learn a whole new skill set in order to survive when SHTF or you end up in a survival situation, fleeing New York due to massive flooding or even something as world-shattering as nuclear war, That’s why the Prepping lifestyle is about preparedness in every sense. So as long as you are willing to learn to survive when the going gets rough and you need to make it on your own, you have the prepper mentality too. Jump into one of our topics above or check out one of our blog posts below and get learning!

Smart Preppers Only Choose The Best

We are preppers too, so we want to get our hands on the best gear that we can find. We are proud to bring you unbiased reviews of some of the most popular  things in the Prepping world. Check back soon for reviews on all sorts of gear and food.