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Prepping is a Lifestyle

Welcome to Prepper Base! I’m the founder, Kevin Fitzpatrick. Ever since I was a child, I have always been fixated on the future. I’ve always thought about what’s coming next. Whether it was next week’s test at school or an upcoming event, I have always been looking ahead. That means I’ve always been a “planner” type of person. I ended up getting my Law Degree after floating around the corporate world, and that sure required some serious planning and looking to the future. It was tough to get through all that time in the library without that big goal of being an attorney at the end. But after several years I’ve realized that practicing law isn’t the right fit for me. I had to do some real thinking, again, some thinking about the future. That was when I discovered the prepping community and how it truly fit with how I look at the world and live my life.


I distinctly remember an old History Channel show talking about how Nostradamus predicted that the world would end in 1998.  Obviously, it didn’t. But ever since then, I have always been fascinated by “the end of the world” stuff, slowly morphing into observing the infrastructures, power grids, and governments that we rely on every day to live our lives.


We all have a little morbid fascination about “the end of the world,” and some folks might even fantasize about running around in a Road-Warrior style dystopia someday. But the truth is that collapses happen slow. It took the Roman Empire nearly 300 years to fall, and America isn’t even 250 yet! The changes in societies are small, and incremental, and they are only caught by someone with a keen eye.


A prepper is someone who has that keen eye, and has been watching over these past couple decades. I consider myself a prepper because I’ve been simply observing and preparing. And I built this shit to share it all with the world.


We all worry about things in our life. A prepper is someone who decides to do something about some of those worries.

Preppers Take All Forms, and Everyone is Welcome Here!

I want Prepper Base to help create a community through our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. I think we can really make a difference out there. Prepper Base is a resource no matter what aspect of prepping you are getting into or thinking of getting into. Whether you’re into prepping for Food, Water, Outdoor Survival, or looking into anything from starting a fire to getting through a city in case of an infrastructure collapse, my mission is for Prepper Base to help you and other preppers around the world. Prepping is a lifestyle, after all. And we are a community based on our prepping lifestyle. 

It could be the extreme weather events that have been happening in America. Or maybe you’re weary of the stability of the economy. Some people even foresee another pandemic. Civil unrest is at the forefront of many peoples’ minds, and America has been a target for terrorists for decades.


Now this isn’t an effort in fear-mongering. Turn on the Network News for that! The thing is that there is a common denominator for all of the scary futures we dream up. That common denominator is that we can’t control what happens, but we can prepare for what might happen


The future gets more uncertain every day. And although we can’t control it, we can prepare for it. We all need a contingency plan for any “SHTF” situation- as we have seen, some of them involve staying home for a very long time. But everyone should have a bug out bag for safety’s sake, especially if you live in a place that gets severe weather. 


The problem that I ran into while doing my research is that there is simply SO much garbage out there. I’ve waded through hundreds, if not thousands of pages and articles that are doing nothing but trying to scare you into buying crap. I want to change that with Prepper Base and give unbiased reviews and useful guides. The blog is a bit of a creative outlet as well.


My team and I here at Prepper Base have embraced the Prepping lifestyle. It’s not about doom and gloom, but about learning new skills and understanding what we need to survive. This has lead us down a path of discovery in more ways than one, so our mission is to bring you along and share all of our knowledge with you.


Our motto here: There is so much less to fear when you know that you are prepared for the worst. 

What Now?

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