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One of the best ways to learn about something is by partaking in some online forums. If you’re someone who takes serious interest in learning some prepping skills for survival purposes, then you should definitely check out this list of my favorite prepper forums that I’ve compiled so you don’t have to waste any time browsing the web to find a community of like-minded folks. 

My Survival Forum

My Survival Forum is an online community of people with coinciding minds about survival. You can learn a lot here from other members about emergency prepping and disaster prepping. The forum is designed to be a source of information on survival skills, tips, stories and world news.


You can visit their site here:



When SHTF is an online forum where most people tackle the subject of urban survival. However, there are some members who also discuss other topics such as wilderness survival, survival equipment, natural/manmade disasters and much more.


You can visit their site here:


Survivalist Boards

Survivalist Boards, with over 3000 members and still counting, is a good source of information due to the wide collection of good topics by members. This site almost never runs out of topics as members are very active to contribute and to help other members—especially the new ones. It is the to-go site if you are serious about the survivalist mentality.

Additionally, Survivalist Boards rewards active members with their regular giveaways—all related to survival. The prizes can be survival knives, flashlights, bug out bags and many more.


You can visit their site here:


Prepper Forums

Prepper Forums is another online forum where you can find valuable information about survival. Members often post about survival gear, bug out bags, hunting tips and many more. It has undergone a major development in terms of user interface, site responsiveness and clean layout just recently—members seem to enjoy using Prepper Forums more. The members are also active in discussing news and events in the real world, with concerns of their prepping strategies.


You can visit their site here:


Doomsday Prepper Forums

Doomsday Prepper Forums is an online community that has a wide collection of topics. The members are highly active to discuss a certain topic they are concerned about or knowledgeable about—in which some threads have thousands of posts. The topics that members are usually discussing are survival gear, survival skills and disasters such as EMP, economic collapse and pandemic. They are also interested to partake in local and international discussions with other members.


You can visit their site here:


The Prepared

The Prepared is an online forum where various different topics are published. The site itself also offers courses, making it an excellent learning platform for starters. The courses cover four skills which are ‘Austere First Aid’, ‘Prepping Basics Bootcamp’, ‘Water Essentials’ and ‘Knife Sharpening & Maintenance’. The site also publishes blogs about current news and events that are happening all around the world.


You can visit their site here:


Wilderness Survival

Wilderness Survival forums cover some basic to vital survival skills, particularly if you’re in the wilderness. However, most of the information is on an expert level of survivalists—such as medicinal uses of certain wild plants or bug out vehicle repair. Some topics also include going off grid, building bug out bags and first aid kits and many more. It is a valuable source of information if you want to learn more about wilderness survival effectively.


You can visit their site here:


Blade Forum

Blade Forums largely focus on bladed products such as knives, axes and many more. But you can also find a little information about survival. Since it is important to have and to learn the weapon of your choice, especially in a survival situation—you can learn a lot from Blade Forums as members go in-depth reviews of these bladed products.


You can visit their site here:


Living Survival

Living Survival is an online community that covers different topics about survival. It includes almost everything about wilderness survival—as well as survival gear, first aid, natural disasters, living off-grid and many more. It also has a marketplace where you can buy, sell or trade with other members too.


You can visit their site here:



Parting Thoughts

If you’re eager to learn more, there are plenty of learning platforms, forums and resources on the internet (once you’re done reading everything on this website, of course!) covering everything you need to know about survival. Once you have learned the necessary skills, you can then practice applying your skills in real life. With continuous practice, you’ll be competent in survival skills in no time.

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