Bug Out Bag

What is a Bug Out Bag?

In times of an emergency, whether nature, economic or manmade disasters, it wouldn’t hurt to make sure that you always have everything you need. And the idea of evacuating your place for your safety due to some emergency situations or imminent threats are never too far from reality—which is why the bug out bag is very important. The term was first coined in the 1940s, when the army had to pack up immediately and leave as soon as possible, this is where the term “bug out” got its name.

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No one likes to think or even wish for a disaster to strike their community, but no one knows when or where a disaster can strike (we’ve outlined the damage something like an EMP can do in our blog). We cannot stop or control these disasters that are bound to occur, but we have choices and control with ourselves to take action now and start building out an emergency kit for preparation. Because when a disaster does occur, the only way to overcome it is to be prepared and know that you and your family are getting food, shelter, and everything you might ever need. That’s the Prepper Base mentality You can’t imagine how important a good bug out bag could be when infrastructure stars falling apart. When you have everything you need, you can put all your energy into keeping safe. 

Bug Out Bag Articles, Guides and Reviews

Here are Prepper Base we have dedicated ourselves to keeping people informed and dedicated myself to prepping. And that means that we have the privilege to write about our prepping and survivalist passion and share valuable information with you all. Check out some of our guides and reviews. We’ve got some cool info about the prepping lifestyle and some prepping and bug out strategies as well. 

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