What is a Bug Out Bag?

Generally, a bug out bag is a bag that will let you evacuate quickly and allow you to survive in a disaster situation. The general rule is that a bug out bag should be able to get you to safety in a survival situation. A bug out bag is not made to last you forever (take a look at INCH bags for that). Instead, a bug out bag is intended to help you survive until you find shelter or safety. For this reason, bug out bags should be as spartan as possible and should not contain anything unnecessary for survival.

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What Goes Into a Bug Out Bag?

A bug out bag is a kit that contains items that you must have in order to survive for at least 72 hours in the event of a disaster evacuation. Why at least 72 hours? Basically it boils down to one fact: the average person cannot survive for longer than 72 hours without any water consumption.

A bug out bag is usually prepared before any event that needs to be used and is immediately available in the event of a disaster. Since we never know where we will be under any life-threatening circumstances, it is important to have a bug out bag that can be easily and quickly obtained in times or urgency. Some experienced preppers have it already at home, in their car, or at their workplace. It can hold many different things, depending on the kind of place you live, who you are with, and the disasters you are prepared to deal with. Moreover, some people have different opinions and definitions of “first aid or emergency kit” in bug out bags based on their own experience level or what they’ve read.

It is generally recommended to put the necessary items in a bag, more likely in some kind of a backpack. We’ll get into the specifics of exactly what kind of bug out bag is best for different situations in our guides and reviews. When you need to move from one place to another, a bag is easier to carry than a box or a case that you hold in your hand. This also applies to everything you place inside a car. It is best to put everything in a soft-sided bag, so you can carry it on your shoulders and your hands would still be free for any more things that must be carried as well.

here are other names for this kind of bag:

  • BOB (Bug Out Bag)
  • 72-hour Kit
  • Grab Box
  • Battle Box
  • PERL (Personal Emergency Relocation Kit)
  • Go Bag
  • GOOD Bag (Get Out of Dodge)
Regardless of their names, they all serve for the same purpose—to help you evacuate from disaster areas and ensure short-term survival. Are you considering buying a premade bugout bag or assembling one yourself? You need to pay a lot of attention to many things. It’s all about the details. Check out my latest blog posts for suggestions or the guides and reviews up at the top of this page to get into the nitty-gritty.

Why Should You Have Your Own Bug Out Bag?

One of the best things about bug out bags is that it is on-the-go. You can leave most of the other things at home, because the basic necessities inside the bag are enough for you to use for a while. You can view and print list of supplies to prepare for severe weather, and you can store dry food, a list of phone numbers, and even a package of important documents for identification. In any case, a bug out bag can help you prepare for anything in advance.

When there is a sudden evacuation warning, every second count. Whether it’s leaving a city on time, reaching relatives as soon as possible, or even avoiding bad weather conditions in some areas, more reaction time can save lives. All you have to do is pick up your prepared bug out bag, notify your family and relatives, and get out by your best transportation means, which could be simply by foot.

It is not a bad idea to have extra supplies and survival kits at home. Although the intended use of bug out bags is to escape your home, there is nothing wrong with using a bug out bag at home when you are running out of supplies and you cannot leave the house.

You can assemble a complete bug out bag or buy a premade one at a reasonable price. You can use items you already have at home, such as zip-lock bags to store your belongings or a large rucksack as your large main bag. It is cheap enough that you can build one for every member of the family. So if you have to leave home, everyone in your family has their own bag, which means extra supplies when you reunite as well.

The bug out bag only contains the necessities for survival on the wilderness of the road. Having this knowledge, you can certainly apply it to many other things, such as packing up for camping trips. When you know what the basic elements are, you will know what to do in the future and how to make the most of the bug out bag.

The Bottom Line: A Bug Out Bag is Essential

As you can see, bug out bags are very valuable items, whether you want to prepare for a medical emergency while on the road or live in a rather turbulent climate, these bags are essential for survival. But keep in mind, not everyone packs their bug out bags with the same supplies and equipment, so bags vary heavily to address one’s needs.