Living Off The Grid

Many of us are exhausted of everyday life in the modern world, such as being in big cities. The traffic, population, noises and pollution can be exhausting. This led to many people wanting to escape the hustle living in the city and to live off the grid. This idea has become a cliché, but it is perfect for finding some peace of mind away from  civilization. Living off grid can also prepare you for a long-term survival situation. Check out these ideas to consider.

What is Living Off The Grid?

Living off the grid basically means getting away from the world ran by technologies and some modern lifestyles at all levels. This is a kind of life without the use of electricity, internet and any modern convenience. You can live comfortably, but you won’t be anywhere near anyone else. This is a risk, because living off-grid means being very far from a doctor.

A typical house is connected to electricity, water, telephone and gas. When you go off the “grid,” means giving up these public services. Some people choose to completely disconnect from civilization, while others choose to partially disconnect due to the use of water supply and sewage. You do not need to live off the grid completely. People can agree to this to varying degrees. Solar and wind turbines can still generate electricity. However, you can set up satellite reception to watch TV, and you need some serious outdoor equipment to gain access to the Internet. The primary concept behind going off the grid is to get away from the network of bills and typical living obligations by hunting and growing your own food and providing your own resources. The goal is creating making you lifestyle as self-sustaining and possible.

Sometimes, it is done for reasons such as helping the environment, physical and mental health, or just simple political or religious beliefs or motivations. The Amish people are a good example of a community-based lifestyle outside of the Internet. They do this based on deep-rooted religious beliefs, but they know that without electricity, running water, cars or fuel, the rest of the world cannot sustain such a population. 

The good news is that you can live like this if you want, and the cost is very low. However, it may be wise to consider where you will get your primary health care.

How to Live Off The Grid and How People Manage Doing it

Technically, the term “grid” is usually used to describe interconnected network for electricity and going off the grid means that you do not use these utility services for electricity, tap water, or natural gas. There are many ways to make it fun and practical.

The actual concept of survival includes three essential things: food, clothing, and shelter. This is fine if you live near a store, but if you don’t have electricity, other utilities, and the Internet, problems will arise.

First, build a comforting shelter. You need a place to live, and that place must be able to cope with climate change so that you don’t freeze. There are many options you can choose. Yurts, teepees, campers, vans, and trailers are at the forefront of self-sufficient living options. You may not want to completely living off the grid, so you may need to create your own solar or wind power. This will give you some basic utilities in your home that will keep you warm during winter season and make a meal when you can’t make a fire going. Take the Mongolians for an example, the Mongol region of Siberia is home to people of Mongolian nomads. They live completely off the grid, but as we all know, they live in spacious, portable yurts and use solar panels to generate energy for powering high-definition TVs.

If you follow the concept of smart living when going off the grid, you will know the first step. Then you need to find a way to get food close to your location. Food can be obtained in many ways. For most people who are off the grid, hunting, fishing, and gardening provide most of their nutritional needs. This means that you must be proficient in all these survival skills. Therefore, using a vehicle is a good idea. In this way, you can enter a town or city and get the supplies you need. Clothing is very important in our lives. You may lose power on your self-designed storage method for the perfect place living off grid, which is not a problem. Many clothing items are important for keeping warm and for other uses, you may likely to encounter during the journey into a daily off-grid living.

As you can see, these ideas are becoming more and more pedantic. The bottom line is this: do research and be prepared before trying to live on your own. At least check the services that can help you living off the grid. You need knowledge and/or excellent research and implementation skills. Here are some of the problems you may encounter along the way:

Floods and droughts are going to be a big problem. Your garden needs plenty of moisture, and you need to keep the area adequately hydrated so that the animals can eat and drink so that you can hunt for food. Yes, you should be willing to hunt or trap animals. For flood prevention, the yurt is the most practical shelter. Yurts are portable shelter, but they are often raised above the ground to prevent flooding. If you are considering buying a property to achieve an independent life, experts will advise you to keep the garden on lower ground while your house is on higher ground.

In addition, you also need to make sure that your home or shelter is well above the flood line. Remember that our ice caps are melting, the ocean level is rising, so flood levels are rising as well. Serious weather events are getting all-too-frequent as well. Drought can be a serious pain. If you provide enough fat, nutrients (in the body) and medicines, you can stay away from food for weeks. Without clean water, you can only live for three days. Observe the rain and water drawn from the stream system or even well water or all three. It can store water. If it freezes, you will need to find a way to defrost it in order to use a burner with sufficient fuel. Before trying, please understand the tube heating method.

You can use a drill for housework. It is best to buy a reservoir to collect rainwater and use it to water plants and trees. If it rains lightly, reduce shower frequency, limit toilet flushing, and allow dishes to accumulate for a few days. Install septic tanks. It is a small sewage treatment system that is likely to have in some areas that are not connected to the main sewage pipeline provided by the government. Watering the plants is essential. Using a plastic greenhouse, you can save water and stay away from animals and insects as much as possible.

Fireplaces and wood stoves can be used as the main heat source for cooking meals. Most people like campers or hikers use firewood to keep warm in cold nights. Even if you use solar and wind energy, you don’t use electronic equipment that you don’t need at all, thus limiting your power consumption. Consider washing clothes by hand instead of using a washing machine, and use a clothesline instead of a clothes dryer.

Composting and recycling are a good idea. Composting can help you get rid of large amounts of waste and create mulch for your plants. All organic waste can be composted and returned to the soil. Lean on agriculture and grow organic food to reduce traveling to the city. Raise chickens and goats to obtain milk and eggs.

Always have a good plan and ahead! Of course, it should be clear at this time that you will need training and may even need experience to help you get out of the city. People do it as a profession, and compared to the challenges in the city, the fees are not a problem as you eagerly want to go away from the city and be one with the nature. Secure all your crops as some experienced animals can steal food crops. Raccoons and bears will steal all the crops overnight. Some people may need to stay awake, but if possible, you can use a deterrent technology as long as you have electricity.

There should be a clear view of how to live off the grid. The goal is to survive in the long term. Many people do this, establishing a network on social media and other platforms can help. You may need clear plans to ensure that you and your family are best secured given your away from the city.

The idea of avoiding utility grid usage is attractive in many ways, because your lifestyle is mostly misleading. Living away from the city, you can spend a life feeling free as a bird. Many people all over the world are doing this now. They’re the kings and queens of their own world. You can find many ways to communicate. It is your responsibility to acquire knowledge now and be prepared for what’s coming tomorrow.