Prepping Equipment

prepping gear

When it comes to prepping for the worst, your equipment can be the difference between life or death. To be a bit less dramatic, the equipment that you carry in your bug out bag or INCH bag can make your life a lot easier in survival situations. The same goes for prepping equipment that you intend to keep in your home.


There is a dizzying amount of prepping equipment for sale online these days. It’s too much to handle! So we have done thorough research and found the absolute best of the best when it comes to prepping equipment. 


We know exactly what equipment is useful, and what isn’t. We also have taken a look at different brands, models, etc. of all sorts of products. This is so we can get the best equipment for ourselves, but also so we can share the knowledge with you. 


It’s taken a long time and a ton of work to learn all that I have so far, and I’m delighted to share my knowledge of prepping gear with you. 


But remember, we should always be learning, so check back here for more information and reviews!

Prepping Equipment Articles, Guides and Reviews

There is no doubt that we have fun trying out new prepping gear, researching trends in prepping, and simply learning more about the best prepping equipment. All that knowledge shouldn’t go to waste, so check out the results of our hard work below: