Gamma Lids

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There are many ways of storing your belongings- whether it is food, household items and whatever else you need for prepping. And how preppers store their food continues to evolve over the years. Here we will talk about a kind of storage method which preppers are often familiar with, since so many preppers use it. It is called a gamma seal lid.


In this post, we will cover everything you need to know about gamma seal lids and how they can come useful in a survival situation. We will also include a starter list showing you some of the foods that you can store with them for long-term storage.

What is a Gamma Seal Lid?

Gamma seal lids, also called as “gamma lids”, are lids which can transform ordinary 12” diameter buckets into reusable food storage containers. Once installed, they offer a leak-proof and airtight seal, which is clearly ideal for long term storage. And they have an easy open-and-close mechanism to avoid the trouble that some traditional snap-on lids have.


Furthermore, gamma seal lids are made of high durable, heavy-duty polyethylene plastic perfect for long term storage. And they usually fit 3.5, 5, and 7 gallon buckets with a 12” diameter.

How to Install Gamma Seal Lid and How They Work

Installing gamma seal lids is easier than it might seem. Here’s what you need to do:


  1. Separate the ring from the inner threaded lid by spinning it.
  2. Insert the ring on top of the bucket while making sure there is a seated rubber gasket inside the ring.
  3. Apply pressure while using a mallet to successfully tuck the ring into the bucket until it clicks in place.
  4. Screw the threaded lid into the ring.
  5. Now, you’ve got yourself a bucket with a gamma seal lid on.

Its main function is plain simple, you just have to unscrew the inner threaded lid from the ring by spinning to open it and screw it back in to close it.

Why Should You Use Gamma Seal Lids?

Using gamma seal lids can be convenient in a SHTF or other survival situation. It can come in handy as part of your bugging-in stockpile, or it can be a useful container for your survival cache. You can make use of buckets with gamma seal lids as containers for your long-term food storage, since food is one of the chief perishable necessities you need in order to survive. When storing supplies in bulk, you may run out of your regular storage containers—which is why gamma seal lids make the perfect alternative to prolonging their shelf lives without having to worry where to store them. Just toss whatever you have inside your gamma seal lid containers.


These are some of the are the many features that gamma seal lids have, giving them a serious advantage over other containers:


Food Safety

Gamma seal lids are suitable for long term food storage with the help of their rubber gaskets inside their ring and around the lid. Although it might not be 100% airtight or submersible, they can still prove to be far more helpful than conventional containers.


Ease of Use

With their basic mechanism, anyone can use them without any prior experience. As mentioned, you just have to screw and unscrew to open and close them.



Instead of laying your valuable belongings around, you can safely store them inside the containers with gamma seal lids to ensure their safety.


Space Saver

They can be stackable which creates more room for your storage space. But when you’re planning to stack them up, make sure to not stack them up too high and the ones on top are not too heavy as it will put pressure on the threads of the lids and could compromise them.


Organized Storage

Gamma seal lids are available in many colors which you can use to organize your storage. You can definitely use labels as well, just in case you forget which color a certain thing is stored in.


The ability to turn a 5-gallon bucket into a secure storage container is a huge advantage when SHTF. The speed combined with their ease of use makes gamma seal lids a no-brainer for prepping.

BPA-Free and Food Grade Safe

Legitimate Gamma seal lids are BPA-free and made of food grade plastic, so you do not have to worry when storing foods inside them. Just make sure that the bucket you’re using along with your gamma seal lid is also BPA-free and food-grade plastic if you intent on storing food. 

Here are some good food choices for long term storage with gamma seal lids:


  •         Pastas
  •         Flour
  •         Oat
  •         Cereals
  •         Wheat
  •         Rice Grains
  •         Coffee
  •         Sugar
  •         Salt
  •         Beans
  •         Popcorn
  •         Corn
  •         Seeds
  •         Pet foods (for dogs, cats, birds etc.)

Here are some different prepping items you can store in gamma seal containers:


Where Can I Get Gamma Seal Lids?

We have tested far too many wannabe companies and knock-offs that promised to be just as good as the Gamma seal lids. Well guess what? They were all junk. So first thing, no matter where you shop, make sure you’re getting the real deal. We wrangled up a few of our favorites and wanted to show them to you- they’ve got bucket and lid combos of all sizes and even sets of lids if you have buckets at home. Check some of our favorites out:

The Final Word on Gamma Seal Lids

For preppers, buying in bulk is an ideal thing to do since you have to always plan for the worst-case scenario and be prepared for as much as you can. The next thing you are going to worry about is how to store the bulk supplies, given that you only have a limited quantity of small storage containers. Good thing gamma seal lids and high-quality BPA-free food-grade containers can save you from this trouble and you can just store whatever food or household items you want inside them. Just remember the rule to store things in safe, secure places. Whatever you store under a gamma seal lid will stay dry as a bone and you won’t need to worry about it. We think they are an indispensable tool for preppers today.