Why You Should Share Your Prepping Experience

Having the privilege to share your prepping experience with others, especially online, is a great thing. That’s a major mission of Prepper Base, sharing my prepping experience.


It’s become a bit of a mission of mine. I want to use Prepper Base to connect with as many people as possible and try to keep their minds open to possible worst case scenarios that may unfold in just a few years, or even sooner. As a prepper, you too can help peoples think more about emergency preparedness. There is nothing to lose in having a little conversation. And genuinely, you are trying to help them before the a real SHTF situation happens.

In this post, I’ll dig deeper about why it is a good idea to share your prepping experience. I’ll give you some ideas on how to broach the subject to somebody without making someone raise an eyebrow.

Reasons Why You Should Share Your Prepping Experience

It’s just like the old quote, “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” That quote is relevant to sharing your own prepping experience with other people. You can teach them and help them for a lifetime. A food supply cannot last for a lifetime, but the knowledge and wisdom you impart can. At the same time, another quote holds true: “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.” 


You can have a conversation, but taking action is always up to the friend / family member you’re talking to.

The More, the Better

Sharing your knowledge and encouraging other people about emergency preparedness and having extra supplies and tools can avoid issues in the future. In one of many worst-case scenarios, you wouldn’t like getting stuck in a situation in which you’re turning down a neighbor asking for food. That’s a road nobody wants to go down.


In any case, living in a neighborhood in which emergency preparedness is part of their attitude can benefit everyone. You can offer or trade supplies with one another when someone is running low. Moreover, if you know you are safe in your neighborhood, you are not limited to your home if you are bugging in and not bugging out. As you can see, sharing your knowledge and having the folks in your community prepared can make survival easier for everyone.

Building a Prepper Community

It’s a great idea to get to know people in your community and do your best to organize a group of people who are focused on preparedness. Our Facebook page is just one of many prepping communities online, but when it’s time to survive it’s the people around you who really matter.


Heading into a disaster or other SHTF situation is better with a community. When you have the same mentality as a group, you have a big advantage. There is no denying strength in numbers. During hard times, a sense of community makes our lives more meaningful, which makes us want to thrive more. People can share the load knowing there are actually other folks you can depend on besides your family. At the same time, you can learn from one another and develop your survival skills even more.

Prepping as an Everyday Thing

Despite 2020 being one hell of a year and 2021 continuing the craziness, prepping is not yet a natural task in peoples’ lives and may deemed to be too bothersome, expensive, or paranoid.


But the bottom line is this: Raising people’s awareness will mean more people will be doing emergency preparation. And with that, it will eventually lead to normalization of prepping as part of our everyday lives. I truly believe that we can make prepping part of the American life in order to make us a society that is at the ready for anything that comes our way.


Once it is treated like a usual routine, there will be less casualties and collateral damage triggered by desperate people when an emergency situation hits.

Don’t you think the time is now right for all of us to get educated and be prepared for the future? Consider the recent natural disasters, along with manmade disasters like war or nuclear meltdowns. By helping to make prepping normal, we’re just accepting the reality that these kinds of emergencies can happen.

How to Share Your Prepping Experience?

First of all, you do not want to impose on people. Nobody wants to be told what to do—by doing that, you can easily drive away people. Instead, start off by asking them if they are familiar with ‘prepping’ and if they think that they are prepared for local or global emergencies.


Keep in mind that you must not exaggerate and sound “doom and gloom.” Give folks real and logical examples of a few events that can possibly happen in your area. Afterwards, simply ask them what they would do under the given circumstances and you can give them better options for whatever their approach might be. Lots of the time, people don’t have a plan. And that’s prepping step one! Try to always have a plan.

Lastly, you should be able to express yourself about how you personally embrace prepping and how you enjoy it. This way, you are showing people the prepping world as a fun hobby, which it is. Fishing, camping, learning to make fire, trap, shoot a bow, small-scale farming, all of it can be integrated into the prepping lifestyle. You never know- after a short conversation you might have another “member of the club.” But to put it better, you might have someone who is capable enough to survive and you two may be able to help each other in the future.


I truly believe that sharing your prepping experience is a great thing. You can take comfort in the notion that you’ll reach some people eventually. You’ll make some lightbulbs pop up over peoples’ heads- but you might never know it. Just have a little faith that some folks are a bit sharper that others, like you.


Now that you’ve got an idea on how you should be able to share your prepping experience, you can begin with your family and friends, since they are the ones who you’ll need to be prepared alongside you. 

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