The Prepper Mentality

During a life-or-death situation, it is important to stay focused and be able to think clearly. It is perfectly understandable that your mind wants to drift and think of all the things that are falling apart. You may get anxious by thinking about what could be coming next. But these thoughts won’t make a difference in the real world. Entertaining negative thoughts and letting them consume you will only worsen the situation. So optimism is a key tenet of prepping. 



In this post we will help you to keep your senses together by discussing the things that you should be thinking about during a survival situation.



First and foremost, let’s talk about the kind of thinking you must have—having these mindsets can have an impact and result to good things during survival.

What is The Prepper Mentality?

Survival heavily depends on one’s ability to overcome stress and pressure. The capacity to think your way out of any situation will be your greatest asset, and it requires calm thinking above all else. Survival does not necessarily mean physical strength or fitness as a main principle. But really, it depends on one’s reaction to anything close to danger—being able to adapt to changing situations and environments. The ability to make the correct split-second decision can up the odds of survival. During crisis, our mental state is what gets as much, if not more damage than our physical body. Some people will simply not be useful in a survival or SHTF situation due to shock, fear and stress.



This means that one must train to strengthen their state of mind and psychological reaction in order to be the one standing when help arrives—your attitude can dictate your fate. Once you’ve learned the right methods, you will understand that the sky’s the limit. You may still be stuck in a bad situation but now you have the right mindset and approach to take on whatever lies ahead. This is through determination, the desire to make it through a bad situation to continue surviving. 



Survival is a state of mind and research has shown that the mind has a power that can will the body to do tremendous things. Many have heard of Wim Hof, the “Iceman,” who has performed superhuman feats through breathing exercises and nothing more. His will demonstrates control over his own body, and it’s an amazing thing. Without the basic will to live, there’s no way you will be able to survive. Survival takes a lot of mental and physical energy, and it can be pretty exhausting. When your mentally unstable, your physical body and the people around you will get affected, too. There’s nothing good that can come out of stress. Thus, set your goal to control your will and control your emotions. That’s part of the prepper mentality: We control whatever that we can control. And it’s a darn good idea to take control of your own mind. 


The goal here is to control your reactions to whatever situations arise. Hopefully you don’t experience a disaster, but if you do, knowing what to do is a calming force in your head. That gives you precious brainpower to plan and think.


That does not mean that you should overthink, but rather plan ahead while staying optimistic. When you are taking mental burdens off yourself and getting more and more prepared, you are simply taking good care of yourself. Not just physically but also mentally, emotionally and spiritually.



Instead of diving into an ocean of seriousness and watching doom-and-gloom television every day, why not try to at least enjoy and savor each and every moment instead. Get outside! It takes an incredibly strong individual to see the bright side in everything, so get practicing. Things could be even more interesting if you look at prepping as challenge that you want to triumph over.


Staying and having a strong will is going to help you survive in times of crisis. There is nobody you can depend on more than yourself. You may be faced by new challenges every single day. But with a strong mind and the will to live, there is nothing that can get in your way.

The Prepper mentality is the desire to grow a skillset. That skillset lets us preppers be able to adapt to any environment or situation.

Learn how to confront and control your fears. Plan and analyze what you do in daily life to practice being vigilant in a survival situation.

Always remember that having a good mindset will be a tremendous tool to help you getting through tough times.


These are just a few aspects of the Prepper mentality that I hope you all can embrace and improve yourself like I do.

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