stainless water bottle

We don’t think of it very often, but access to fresh, drinkable water is a luxury that many Americans take for granted. 


Access to fresh drinking water is the #1 priority in a survival situation. People can go weeks without food, but a couple days without water and the human body is in serious trouble.


That’s why we’ve dedicated an entire section of this website just to water. We are going to explore the advantages and disadvantages or different bottle types and materials, different filtration systems, and more.


Die hard Preppers, survivalists, and smart people who are planning for an uncertain future will be able to find valuable information here.


We have taken it upon ourselves to try our as many products as we can in order to bring you the bottom line regarding what you need, what works, and what doesn’t work. 


Here at Prepper Base we have a “no BS” rule, and this section is no exception. We are going to break down different water purification methods, how well they work, and more. We are also on a quest to find the PERFECT water bottle, and you’ll get to join us on that quest by reading some of our reviews. 


Remember that water is the most precious resources in a survival situation! 

Water Purification and Water Bottle Articles, Reviews & Guides

Don’t take it for granted- you might be able to just turn on the tap today, but who knows what tomorrow will bring. Check out some of our articles below: