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About Me

Hi everyone, my name is Kevin and I’m the founder of Prepper Base. I got into prepping after Hurricane Sandy demolished parts of my town. I saw that there is a serious need to stay prepared in case of an emergency. Prepping takes many forms, from bug out bags to getting ready for off-grid living.



There is a lot of garbage out there on the internet, and a lot of bad advice. My mission is to get some good advice out there. I’ve been researching all sorts of topics and trying out different products, so that I can give you the information  you need to prepare for an uncertain future. 


Sorry, No Politics Here

Prepping is about getting the right gear and supplies, then making contingency plans for serious disasters or civil unrest. This website is personal to me, and my political stance is completely unrelated to prepping. So you won’t see any inflammatory posts about the pandemic or any political parties. But what you will see is the curtain pulled back on how fragile our society can be. That means I will be posting about how vulnerable we really are, and talking about some things that might trigger serious infrastructure issues here in the USA.



What to Expect From Prepper Base

Like the name suggests, this is home base for preppers. I am building a knowledge base for preppers who are interested in planning for nearly any disaster. I’ve been researching for quite some time, so I want to share what I’ve learned about the different needs for different scenarios. Prepping for civil unrest is different than prepping for a hurricane. So I want to break down the categories and make it easy for you to choose what you need in order to prepare for the worst. I also want to show you the best of the best when it comes to the supplies and gear you need.


But I also want to write about the core of prepping, which is survival. So I am writing recipes, strategies, and guides for surviving in different situations. Like I just said, I’ve learned that it all depends on the situation. You won’t be needing pemmican or hardtack if you have already bought plenty of canned food and MREs. So I am trying to cover every aspect of prepping, which means we will dive into the core ideas and strategies for survival in different scenarios. 





A Fold-out Knife and Some Paracord


The Gear Is Important, So I’m Doing The Work For You

When it comes to prepping, you life depends on your gear. So some low-quality paracord or a cheap knife might end up costing you big time. The same goes for bug out bags, tents, water purifiers, and all sorts of prepper gear. So I’ve taken it upon myself to do some real-world testing with as much prepping gear as I can. And after I test and compare, I’m going to deliver the results to you so that you can make an informed choice when you buy prepping gear.

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We are lucky enough to have partnered with My Patriot Supply to bring you the best and latest survival supplies. We are excited to have a partner that is leading the way in its industry.  Check out the  link below and take a look at what My Patriot Supply has to offer Preppers and Survivalists.

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Kevin Fitzpatrick

I'm Kevin, the founder of Prepper Base. Ever since I discovered Prepping, embracing the Prepper Mentality became my full-time job. I started Prepper Base as an information resource for anyone and everyone interested in Prepping, Survivalism, and Off-Grid Living. I have combed the web and realized that there's a lot of garbage out there related to Prepping. So I want to help you save time with no-BS information that can truly help when SHTF. I've combed through a lot of books and websites and dove head-first into the things that interested me. I hope you can find some useful prepping information here. I am always looking for new things in the Prepping world. Please drop me a line through any of my social media accounts if you have a current event, an idea, or new Prepping-oriented product that you think I should write about. Thanks for visiting!

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